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(Spoiler: We haven’t)

We know, it’s not the way you’ve seen whisky packaged before. But don’t fear The Pouch. The Pouch is a friend to anybody who loves whisky.

Using The Pouch means we can deliver the best possible whiskies at the lowest possible price. They weigh less, pack smaller, never need bubble wrapping and always fit through your letterbox – which is more convenient for you than a trip to the collection office.

And there's some reassuringly great news for your tastebuds too: The Pouch has zero effect on the taste of the whisky. Sorry for the spoiler.

Great taste guaranteed
Cheaper to ship

We’ve lost our bottle.

Need another reason why we’ve kicked glass and switched to The Pouch? Well, aside from the fact that whisky distilleries also use PET bottles to send us their samples, we also wanted to keep our impact on the planet low.

Glass bottles produce more CO2 to make and to ship. They also need extra packaging like bubble wrap to stop them breaking. At only 130 microns thick, The Pouch is 20x thinner than a glass bottle, they require less water, produce less greenhouse gas, and use 5x less abiotic material (that's minerals and fossil fuels to you and me), compared to a 6cl glass bottle. If we used bottles, we'd be raising our carbon footprint right at a time when we should be doing the opposite.

The Pouch cap and nozzle are recyclable as household plastic. The pouch itself is made of PET and that's recyclable too (see below).

Uses less CO2
Lowers our carbon footprint
Recyclable cap and nozzle

Recycle Your Pouches

Recycling your pouches is now even easier with supermarkets across the UK providing flexible plastic collection points at store.

You can now drop off your whisky pouches alongside your other flexible plastic packaging at a collection point near you and we encourage all our members to recycle locally, negating the need to post pouches back to us.

We know you loved the free dram awarded as part of our ‘take back’ scheme but don’t forget there are plenty of other ways to get some whisky perks...including our nationwide reward programme and free drams for member referrals.

We’ll be honouring the scheme up until the end of this year, so if you have been saving up pouches get them back to us in batches of 12 (or multiples there of) by December 2022.

Send your empties to:

WHISKY-ME, 9 Christopher Street, London, EC2A 2BS

Please include your address, so we know where to send your free drop.


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