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08 April 2024



distillery Ireland region

Clan Colla Irish Whiskey is founded by the MacAllister family in Galway, drawing on the historical narrative of the Colla brothers, three 4th-century warriors, to anchor its brand identity. This connection is central to the brand, aiming to link its products with a significant period in Irish history.

The distillery is located in County Antrim, where it benefits from the region’s natural resources, including its water source, crucial for whiskey production. The MacAllisters approach to whiskey making involves traditional distillation methods, adhering to practices that are characteristic of Irish whiskey production. As the distillery is new, most of the whiskey released under the Clan Colla banner is sourced from elsewhere for now.

The resurrection of Ahascragh Distillery is part of a broader movement in Ireland to revive the country's whiskey-making heritage. In recent decades, there has been a surge in interest and investment in Irish whiskey, both domestically and internationally. Ahascragh Distillery represents the spirit of this revival, combining tradition with innovation to craft exceptional Irish whiskey once again.

The range of Clan Colla products includes both single malt and blended whiskeys. The single malt whiskeys are known for their specific flavour profiles, which include vanilla, honey, and fruity notes, alongside a subtle presence of oak. These characteristics are achieved through maturation in select casks, chosen to enhance the whiskey's natural flavours.

In contrast, Clan Colla’s blended whiskeys combine malt and grain spirits. This category is designed to offer a lighter taste experience, with a balance of sweetness and spice, and a mild smoky undertone. These blends are crafted to appeal to both traditional whiskey enthusiasts and those seeking a versatile spirit suitable for cocktails.

Additionally, Clan Colla has introduced limited edition releases and cask-strength expressions. These special editions are notable for experimenting with maturation techniques and cask finishes, aiming to offer unique flavour profiles to the market. Such releases are often targeted at collectors and connoisseurs looking for distinctive whiskey experiences.

Clan Colla’s portfolio, thus, is designed to cater to a range of tastes, from the rich and complex single malts to the lighter, more versatile blends. The introduction of limited editions and cask-strength whiskeys further diversifies their offering, aiming to capture the interest of a broad spectrum of whiskey drinkers.

The distillery welcomes visitors to experience the magic of whiskey-making firsthand. Guided tours take guests through the entire production process, from grain to glass, allowing them to witness the craftsmanship and dedication of the distillery team. The visitor centre also offers tastings of Ahascragh's finest creations, providing an immersive and educational experience for whiskey enthusiasts and curious travellers alike.